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ADAM KHOO – Forex Trading Course Level 1 – Pip Fisher


Pip Fisher™ helps traders navigate the volatile foreign exchange market with confidence, with no fear of risking their capital. This Forex trading course is perfect for new and existing traders who want to leverage the Forex market to build a reliable income stream. Our powerful curriculum is designed to help beginners start trading Forex in the shortest possible time, with sufficient practice.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Forex Trading
  1. The Business of Forex Trading
  2. Forex Basics: Currency Pairs & Contract Sizes
  3. How to Profit from Forex Moves: Going Long and Shorts
Lesson 2: The Secret to Consistent Trading Profits
  1. The Statistics of Consistent Profits from Random Outcomes
  2. Trading like a Casino
  3. Developing a Trading System with Positive Expectancy
Lesson 3: Mastering Technical Analysis
  1. Principles of Technical Analysis
  2. Candlestick Patterns
  3. Identifying Trends
  4. Utilising Support & Resistance as Supply and Demand Zones
  5. Mastering Moving Averages
  6. Using MT4 Charting Platform
Lesson 4: Position Sizing
  1. Position Sizing & Money Management for Pros
  2. Automate Your Trading Business with Order Management
Lesson 5: FX Trend Rider Strategy
  1. Trend Rider price action patterns
  2. Entry and Exit Rules for Trend Rider long and short setups
  3. Filtering for high-quality setups
  4. Trade management and Exit strategies
Lesson 6: Psychology of Winning Traders
  1. How Winning Traders Think
  2. Managing & Overcoming Negative Emotions
  3. How to Manage Temporary Drawdowns
  4. Programming Your Mind to become a Winning Trader
Lesson 7: Bull Flag Surf
  1. The Bull Flag Surf Strategy
  2. Bull Flag Surf price action patterns
  3. Entry and Exit Rules for Bull Flag Surf long and short setups
  4. Filtering for high quality setups
  5. Trade management and Exit strategies
Lesson 8: Developing a FX Trading Plan
  1. Develop a Winning Trading Plan
  2. Learn a Daily Trading Routine that Takes Just 3-6 Hours a Day
  3. Keeping a Trading Journal
  4. Choosing an FX Broker
Lesson 9: Correlation trading and Bid/Ask Spreads
  1. Understanding Bid/Ask Spreads
  2. Trading based on Correlations between currency pairs
Lesson 10: Currency Strength Meter
  1. How to always buy the strongest currency & sell the weakest currency for high probability results.


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