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Advanced Butterfly Options Trading Course Strategy System


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  • Creator Name : Winston Wee
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Advanced Butterfly Options Trading Course Strategy System

The Options Advanced Bundle is a collection of Advanced Option strategies like Iron Condors, Butterfly spreads, Calendar spreads, Back spreads, Straddles and Strangles, and much more. These Advanced Options strategies use Single Options, as well as Options, spreads as components, so it is important to understand the Beginners and Intermediate modules thoroughly. All Advanced Options strategies use multi-leg Options, and various spreads are combined in various ways to create these Advanced Options strategies. Most of the Advanced options strategies covered in this module have live trade examples. These advanced options strategies may require complex adjustment techniques, including guerrilla tactics which are covered. Additionally, Futures and Options on Futures are included as a complement to the Advanced Options strategies for portfolio protection and advanced hedging techniques.

Course Details:- You Will Learn

  • Guerrilla Tactics are for Advanced traders only
  • Why are Calendars Unique to Options?
  • Popular Adjustments for Calendars
  • How to Construct an Iron Condor
  • Choosing the right Strike Prices for Iron Condors
  • High Reward to Risk possible in Diagonals
  • Vega Positive and Theta Positive Strategies
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