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Advanced Divergence Training Course – ASFX


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Advanced Divergence Training Course – ASFX

ASFX Advanced Divergence Training Course & VIP Chat

Learn How To Use Divergence To Find Precise and Profitable Entry Signals

▪️ The Roadmap For This Course ▪️

To start, we will first review the A1 System – quickly!

This IS NOT a beginner course.

But it’s important to make sure we are speaking the same language before we dive deeper down the DIVERGENCE rabbit hole.

We spend time reviewing recent trades by breaking down the thought process of each entry and exit.

Looking at winning and losing trades will ensure we are speaking the same language going into the rest of the course.

After the A1 System Review, we will learn how to identify & draw Divergence.

Mastering the basics and gaining more understanding of what divergence on the chart is truly telling us.

Once we know what it is and where to find it, we will practice drawing Divergence.

 D1 Entry & Exit System

Now that we laid a solid foundation, we can dive head first into the D1 Entry System.

The D1 is an In-Trend, Pullback signal

In this section you will gain a clear understanding of how to identify and trade profitable risk/reward opportunities.

You will learn how to…

– Identify a potential D1 entry

– Measure risk/reward for potential trade setups

– Interpret factors of probability so you can properly grade a potential trade

– Use multiple time frames to confirm or deny an entry

– Use the D1 System checklist before you take a trade

– PLUS, hundreds of trade walkthroughs

After 130+ slides explaining the D1 System, we will then do the same thing for the D2 system.

 D2 Entry & Exit System

The D2 is a Counter-Trend, Reversal signal

This includes…

– Details on how to identify and measure counter-trend risk/reward opportunities

– Understanding of the exact parameters that factor into the probabilities of your trades

– Clear-cut entry and exit systems

– The D2 System checklist

– Of course…even more trade walkthroughs

Course Curriculum:- You Will Learn

Review Of The A1 System

  • Part I (16:38)
  • Part II (24:40)

What Is Divergence

  • Part I (13:13)
  • Part II (9:40)
  • Part III (10:23)

The D1 System

  • Part I (18:47)
  • Part II (19:33)
  • Part III (7:14)
  • Part IV (25:12)
  • Part V (25:37)
  • Part VI (22:12)

The D2 System

  • Part I (17:41)
  • Part II (15:25)
  • Part III (24:33)

Recap & Review

  • Part I (11:55)

PDF Study Guide

  • Chapter 1 – A1 System Review
  • Chapter 2 – What Is Divergence?
  • Chapter 3 – The D1 System
  • Chapter 4 – The D2 System
  • Chapter 5 – Review & Recap

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